A life changing moment

At school I liked to play hockey, but in all honesty it wasn’t really until I left school that I got interested in exercise.

One Sunday the TV was on and I watched in awe, the revival of the London Marathon.  I was just 18 years of age.

I had one of those moments.  It was a life changing moment, but I did not realise it at the time.

“I want to do that!”

“I’m going to do that!”

And I did…

The Liverpool Marathon twice, the London Marathon twice, but most memorable, I was the second lady to finish the Wirral Marathon and I was not even a club runner!

Then I had kids and, what with a job, exercise was put on a back burner.

I’ve done the occasional 10k since, but walking plays a bigger part in my life today.

If you meet with friends it usually involves food and drink and that’s good, but not all of the time.

Why not try our Walking & Wine regime for yourself…

Have fun, keep fit and it’s pretty much FREE!

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