Albrighton Walk to Woodhouse Lane


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Park in the Crown Pub, Albrighton High Street, Albrighton, Wolverhampton WV7 3JA
SJ 813 043
3 miles (4.8km)
1 hour
26 May 2019

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BEST BIT - Footpath between Cross Rd and Woodhouse Lane

                            BEST BIT – Footpath between Cross Rd and Woodhouse Ln

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The Walk

Park in the Crown Pub car park. Cross over High Street and turn right. Take the first left along Cross Road. Walk on the pavement on the left side. Just before you get to Newhouse Lane go through a wooden gate on your left into an enclosed path with a wooden fence on the right. You reach a housing estate, keep going straight on. You will see a gravel path to your left. Walk down here. There is a wooden fence here on your left.

WORST BIT – Uninteresting High Street

Go through a metal gate. Follow the

path through a second metal gate. Ignore a stile right and go through a third metal gate. Go through a fourth metal gate and turn right. Go through a kissing gate. Follow the path for around 10 minutes. Go over a footbridge over a stream. Go through two wooden gates. Finally, through a kissing gate on to Woodhouse Lane, turn left.

Go past a house called ‘The Woodhouse’ on your left. As soon as you pass the house turn left through an opening. There is an outbuilding, walk to the right of the outbuilding. Go over a stile.  In 100 yards go over a stile on the right and then another stile. Walk across the field, keeping the hedge to your left.

Go over a footbridge over a stream. Go ahead towards the right, then over a stile. You emerge on a road. Cross over and turn left.  Keep walking along the main road until to return to the Crown Pub on your right.

The Pub

Crown Pub, Albrighton High Street WV7 3JA

The pub is traditional, warm and friendly, with a cosy atmosphere!

Lyn says: You can extend this walk by walking along High Street past the Crown Pub on your right until you reach Rectory Road.  Turn right down Rectory Road, then walk past the pond. Soon after on the left is Donington and Albrighton local nature reserve.  You can walk through the nature reserve, following the path right.  You will emerge on Newport Road.  Turn left and walk back along the main road to the pub. 

Ducks on Albrighton Pond

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!