Broseley Wood & Benthall Walk


Date recorded:

Park in Bridge Road, Broseley Wood, near the junction of Spout Lane TF12 5QZ
6 miles (9.6 km)
2 hours
Some hills
14 April 2019

BEST BIT – Benthall Hall

Walks in Shropshire

The Walk

Park on the road at Bridge Road, Broseley Wood, near to the junction with Spout Lane.  Walk up Spout Lane.  Eventually you will come to a crossroads. There is a small sign on the left saying ‘Woodside’. Keep straight on up the track. After a while the footpath bends to the right.  Follow the path around the bend.

Shortly you will walk into the wood. You come to a gate and a stile. Go over the stile, straight on, ignoring an immediate path left and a path right. After a very short time there are two paths, one to the left and one straight on, take the one to the left. There is a deep drop to your left within the wood.

WORST BIT – Main road before you turn left for Benthall Hall

Pass a pool on your right.  There is no defined edge of the pool so be careful not to step into the shallow water! Go up the hill, up the narrow path. The path continues up and down. Keep to the footpath. Pass a pylon on your left.

When you reach a cottage on your left go past the cottage on to a wide track. Go through a metal/wooden gate. Watch for a foopath forking back on yourself on your right.  Take this footpath.

At the metal gate go left through the wood. The footpath will narrow up a hill (at this point ignore a path going back on yourself). Go over a stile and into a field. Keep to the right hand boundary of the field. Over a stile into another field, then finally through a kissing gate into the grounds of a farm. Go past the farmhouse on your right. There is a lot of machinery on your left.  Follow the stony path.

You will emerge on a road at Manor Farm. Turn left here.  This is Wyke Lane.  Walk along Wyke Lane for around 10 minutes until the road bends a sharp right.  On the bend you can take a footpath left. It is muddy here. If you prefer you can continue on the road which is what we did.

(Instructions if you follow the muddy path – You pass a hidden pool on your right. Go over a stile into a field with a pond on your left.  Keeping  the field’s edge on your right follow the footpath imprinted in the grass. Go over a stile. Follow the path and go over a stile into a road.  Turn right and walk until you come to an archway leading to the church).

(Instructions if you follow the road – At the road junction turn left.  The road can be busy, we advise that you walk on the verges where you can.  Eventually you come to a sign, left, for Benthall Hall. Turn left here.  Further up on the right you will see an archway leading to the church).

Near to the archway is a wooden gate. Go through the gate and follow the path. Go through another wooden gate. Keep following the path.  If you look to the left you will see the wood you walked through earlier.

Eventually you will reach a wooden gate.  Go through this and walk to your right. You are now re-tracing your steps. At the crossroads walk straight on.  Go past the “Woodside” sign on your right.  Eventually you emerge on Bridge Road.

The Pub

walking in shropshire - half moon pub- walking & wine

The Half Moon Pub, 174 Salthouse Road, Shropshire TF8 7LP

Drive to the pub, which is on the same side of the river. Go down Bridge Road towards the river and turn right before the bridge. There are signposts to the pub.

The pub is basic (probably because it does get flooded), but the setting is beautiful along the banks of the River Severn. You can sit outside. When we visited there were extensive construction works going on. The staff were friendly and atmosphere was good. The wine was Chardonnay at £3.90 for a 175 cl glass.

Lyn says: A popular walk on well sign-posted paths where you will also see Benthall Hall and Church. 

ANIMAL BIT – Sheep and lambs in field before you reach the wood

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!