Beckbury Walk


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Park in the Seven Stars Pub car park, Madeley Road, Near Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 9DN
SJ 762 015
5 miles (8km)
2 hours
One nasty steep hill otherwise flat
1 December 2013

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire - Sheep Badger Sheep - walking & wine

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

With your back to the pub, cross the road and walk up the lane which is called Higford Lane. Continue forward on Higford Lane until you reach a ‘T’ junction, turn right. Follow the footpath, keeping the hedge on your left hand side. Walk very close to the hedge and enter a wood. You must be very careful here, after a short distance you reach a left turn with slightly hidden public footpath signs; turn left here. Continue along the path to an uphill path, then exit into an open field.

Turn right following the footpath. It bends to the left and after only around 20 yards turn immediately right following the public footpath sign which eventually swings to the left. Follow the track down a hill with a wood beyond on your left. Go through a metal gate into a wood. Keep walking; you will see a small stream on your right.

At the point in the wood where the footpath bends to the left, in front of your is a gate and to the left of the gate is a row of fir trees. At this point go straight on through the gate into a field. Follow the footpath round to the left. Go through a metal gate into another field. As you walk through this field head towards a metal gate with a wood beyond. Go through the gate and into the wood. Eventually you will reach another gate on to a road. Turn right on to the road.

Carry on down the road towards the village of Stableford. Go past a sign for Brook Vale Farm on the left, over the bridge, over a stream. Shortly after the bridge go left over a stile into a field.

Keep ahead until you reach a footbridge over a stream. Go over the footbridge into the next field. Look up the hill and towards the top right hand corner you will see trees. Head for the top right hand corner of the field at the edge of the trees. This is the steep nasty hill.

Go over the stile. In this field keep to the right hand boundary, with the fence on your right. Then go over another stile onto the road.

Go left on the road into the village of Ackleton. As soon as you reach the first house on the right, opposite this house, turn left down a track. Follow the track where you will come through a gate and out on to a field. Follow the path, through the field and a gate into Badger Dingle. The path descends with waterfalls on your left and a stagnant pool on your right. In front of you is ancient stone with a small cave. Turn left here, then right up a path past another cave in the rock on your left. You ascend until you reach the road. Turn right on the road into the village of Badger.

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Badger Dingle


At the village there is a pool with an idyllic thatched cottage, keep left here (with the pool on your right). Walk on the road for around half a mile (10 minutes).  You pass Badger Farmhouse, keep going ahead.  When you reach the first house on your left after Badger Farmhouse turn left here.  Go along an enclosed track for around 100 yards, keeping a lookout on the right for a concealed stile. Go over the stile and into a field. (In the summer you may see spring onions growing here!)

Ahead you will see pylons.  Walk through the first field into the next field, under the pylons x 2. Follow the footpath eventually reaching a wood.  Go through the gate into the wood.  After a short distance you will exit into a field.  Keep on the right hand boundary of the filed.  At the field corner turn right.  Take a few paces and turn left through a gate.  Keep straight on.  There are two forks, take the right fork and follow the footpath until you reach a stile on your left.  Go over the stile and through a gate into the churchyard.  Go past the church on your right, through the church gates and turn left on the road.  Follow the road back to the car park of the Seven Stars Pub.

The Pub

Walking in Shropshire - Seven Stars - walking & wine

The Seven Stars, Beckbury, Madeley Road, Near Shifnal, Shropshire TF11 9DN

This pub is just so relaxing.  In the middle of winter is is welcoming, warm and cosy.  In the summer you can sit outside taking in the late afternoon rays. Whatever the time of year it is a special place to be.  The wine is first class, a Chenin Blanc at £4.40 per 1.75cl.  Go on, you won’t be disappointed!




Lyn says:  This is one of our favourite walks.  Varied scenery, quaint village of Badger with thatched cottages and village pond, and a great pub.

Walking in Shropshire - horses Badger - walking & wine

This walk’s furry friends! Field at Ackleton








Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

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