Ironbridge Walk to Hay Incline Plane


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Park in the Bedlam Furnaces car park, Waterloo Street (B4373), Ironbridge
SJ 678 034
4.5 miles (7.24km)
2 hours
Very, steep climb and a steep descent – Tough
2 February 2014

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire - sidings sheep - walking & wine

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

Looking at the Bedlam Furnaces, with your back to the River, climb up the steps to the left. You will follow a series of steps, footpaths and arbours (archways that support climbing plants). Keep climbing up until you reach a road at the rear of the Golden Ball Pub ahead. Go past the Golden Ball Pub and car park, keeping these on your right. You are in Wesley Road. There is a wood on the left, keep walking until you come to a wide road on your left. Turn left into this road, after a few yards, level with a white house, go through a gate, left, into a wood called The Crostan. You will continue to follow a series of wooden steps and footpaths up a steep hill. Ignore the sign to the left ‘Benthall View’ and keep going straight on up the hill following a sign ‘Lloyds Meadow’.

At a junction of paths turn right into a field signposted ‘Lloyds Meadow’. Go through this field, keeping to the right field boundary. Go over the second field into a wood.

You walk through the wood for around 10 minutes eventually reaching a junction of paths and a signpost. Follow the sign to ‘Madeley’, left, on to a stony path. Keep to the right path.

You will come to a junction with a bench on the left and a stile on the right. Go over the stile into a field. Walk across the field, emerging between two cottages. Turn right and follow the path to the road. The road is dangerous so beware. Turn left and cross the road to face on coming traffic. As soon as you can scramble through the bushes on your right to drop on to the safety of the Silkin Way. Keep walking in the same direction towards the Blists Hill Museum. Walk under two bridges and turn right into the entrance of Blists Hill Museum. Head for the coach park and immediately past it, take the first path to the right nearest the railings.

Walking in Shropshire - River Severn - walking & wine

Shropshire Canal and River Severn


For the next part of the walk follow the footpath keeping the railings on your right. Ignore steps left and a path left.  Ignore a green area, left.

At a junction of paths, one left, one right, where there are signs warning of stray golf balls, take the path left. Once past the signs turn right and you begin the descent.  This is quite tricky.

You pass the Hay Inclined Plane on your right. Do not turn off left here until you reach the bottom where there is a tunnel on your right.  Turn left.  Walk along the path to a junction by a iron wheel, follow the signpost to Coalport which zig zags down to the road.

At the road turn right and go past the Shakespeare Pub.  Go over the bridge (you will have a good view of the Hay Inclined Plane), then turn immediately left.  Follow the sign ‘Severn Valley Way’. Cross over the canal and over the bridge over the River Severn.  You are now in Jackfield.  Turn right and walk alongside the River Sever which is on your right.

You will pass the Maws Craft Centre on your left.  At the junction go straight down a footpath where there is a tall wall to the left and trees and a white house to the right.  You come out in a clearing at the Half Moon Pub where there is a nice beer garden alongside the River.

Head towards the gate into a wood.  Altogether you go through three gates and emerge on to the road.  Turn right, keeping the River on your right.  You pass the Jackfield Sidings, keep to the footpath with the Black Swan Pub on your right.

Immediately past the Black Swan do not go over the bridge but go down a path to your left.  Go under the bridge, again with the River on your right.  Eventually you come to the Jackfield Bridge over the River Severn.  Go right over the bridge.  You will see the Ye Olde Robin Hood Inn and next to it the Bird in Hand.

The Pub

Walking in Shropshire - Bird in Hand Pub - walking & wine

The Bird in Hand Pub, Waterloo Street, Ironbridge, Telford, Shropshire TF8 7HG

Drive/walk the short distance to the Bird in Hand Pub. We received a warm welcome from the landlord, which set the scene.  The pub is cosy, warm, friendly and very, very old, well worth a visit.  We had a Chardonnay at £3.60 per glass. A well earned treat!


Lyn says: This walk offers so much variety with different scenery and historical interest. 

walking in shropshire - duck canal - walking & wine

This walk’s feathered friend! Shropshire Canal


Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!