Homer Walk


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Park in a residential street at Homer (to the west of A4169), we park in ‘The Glen’
SJ 242 617 017
5 miles
2 hours
Quite a challenging walk, but well worth it!
15 June 2014

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire - Holmer church sheep - walking & wine (2)

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

Come out of The Glen, turn right to where the phone box/post box is, turn left here. After a few steps on the right there is a public footpath sign at a kissing gate. Go through here. Walk half left, across and down the field with the house on your left and the trees on your right.

Go over a stile. Go ahead to the next stile, then over the wooden footbridge over a small stream. Follow the footpath over another wooden footbridge over two streams. Go up a brick built set of steps. There are around 74 steps uphill and this is very challenging. Go over one stile, then into a wooded area. Go over another stile into a road and turn left.

Ignore a road to the left signposted Sheinwood Farm. As the road bends to the right you will see a stile/metal gate (with a telegraph pole) on the left. Climb over the stile/metal gate (This is awkward – be careful)! Into the field, keeping the hedge on your left, walk down a path. You walk past a cottage on your left. Walk to the bottom of the field and follow it to the right. You need to look carefully for a hidden stile into a wood on your left.

Go through the woods and over a a wooden footbridge over a small stream. Climb up the bank which in winter can be quite slippy so be careful! There are tall ferns in the summer, no doubt what it was like in the ‘age of the dinosaur’. Continue along the footpath and over a small footbridge into field 1. Go straight ahead over field 1 to a stile. Go over the stile and over field 2. Go over a stile and over field 3 to a stile into a wood.

Walking in Shropshire - Holmer fearns - walking & wine

Fearns before you reach the village of Sheinton


At a brick outhouse building, turn left through a rustic gate following the public footpath sign. You will reach a new house on your left and will drop down, over a stile, on to the road. Turn right. At the junction at a barn, turn left. Walk past Sheinton Church, keeping it on your right. Go over a brand new bridge over a river.

Take the first left and walk up the hill signposted to Belswardyne Farm. As you climb, turn around and you will see a perfect view of the Wrekin. When you reach a barn on the right and a wall ahead, turn left. With the wall on your right, ignore a silver gate into a field on your left. Take the next gravel path to the left. Go down the road and past a cottage on your left.Shortly after the cottage, go through the opening on your left into a wood. It is muddy here and the path is tangled with branches. Keep following the muddy path up the hill. As you come out from the wood, turn right into a field and stop. Look half left and you will see trees, head diagonal to the corner of the trees. If unsure look at the direction of the public footpath sign and follow this.

At the corner of the trees go through the space in the fence (trees on right). This is were you see (in the distance) the telegraph poles cutting through the trees. With the telegraph poles slightly to the left, go ahead along a path across the field to a stile. There is a village of houses to the right in the distance. Go over the two stiles (quite dangerous) and down a hill. Head towards a small gate. Through the gate and over a wooden bridge, over a small stagnant stream.

Keeping the trees on your right go up the hill to the gate. Through the gate with the hedge on your right through the field to a kissing gate. Through the kissing gate, through a final field to a kissing gate. You look like you are in someone’s garden, you probably are. At the road turn left and back into the village of Homer.

The Pub

Walking in Shropshire - Malthouse - walking & wine

The Malthouse, Wharfage, Telford, Shropshire TF8 7NH (Photograph of pub taken on a previous visit on 8 December 2013)

Drive to nearby Ironbridge for the pub. A popular pub in Ironbridge.  It is warm and has plenty of atmosphere.  In the summer you can sit outside overlooking the River. Well worth a visit. Good wine, a Sauvignon Blanc 1.75cl glass at £4.30.


Lyn says: A lovely varied walk with a range of different terrains to walk through – woods, fields, lanes and steps – much of it along the Wenlock Edge.  Definitely one of our favourites but can be muddy so best to go in summer.

Walking in Shropshire - Holmer pheasant - walking & wine

On the road outside Belswardyne Farm

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!