Market Drayton Walk


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Park at Queen Street car park TF9 1PS. Maximum stay is 3 hrs and there is a fee
4.5 miles (7.2km)
1 hour 45 minutes
Fairly flat, but one steep hill at end
3 December 2016

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy or yourself there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire - Lock Sheep - walking & wine

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

From the Queen Street Car Park, look for the veterinary surgery. Walk down the alley which is to the left of the veterinary surgery. You will emerge at a mini island. Go straight on into Longlands Lane. Keep walking straight along Longlands Lane until you see a wooden post on your right, on it written “Bridleway”. Walk down the bridleway. You briefly emerge on a street with houses. Just keep going straight on down the bridleway until you reach the canal.

At the canal turn right. Under bridge 63, 62, 61, and 60. At bridge 60 you are at Tyrley Wharf. Once you go under bridge 60, take the path to your right, back on yourself, to come up on the road of bridge 60.

Turn left down the lane, not over the bridge.

When you reach a main road, cross over the road, taking care. Keep straight on into Sandy Lane. After around 10 minutes Sandy Lane bends to the right. Go around the bend keeping on Sandy Lane. It will be no surprise to find that Sandy Lane is a sandy lane!

At the end of Sandy Lane you come to a ‘T’ junction. Turn right on to the road. Go over the bridge which is over the River Tern. At the main road cross over and go straight on into Kilnbank Road. This is a steep hill.

At the junction turn right into Shropshire Street. Keep straight on until you reach High Street, turn left. Walk along Queen Street (to the left of the Crown Pub) back to the car park.

The Pub

Walking in Shropshire - Gingerbread Man Pub - walking & wine

Gingerbread Man Pub, Adderley Road, Market Drayton, Shropshire TF9 3SW – Photograph taken on a previous visit on 17 November 2013


We drove from the car park to the pub. Not far.  The pub is spacious, but warm & it was Christmasy at our visit on 17 Nov 13. The staff are very friendly.   It was lovely.  We would recommend!



Lyn says: This is a lovely walk with some town, some country and some walking by the canal.  There are some interesting buildings and unique shops in Market Drayton so you may wish to give yourself some time to explore the town. 

Walking in Shropshire - Swan - walking & wine

This walk’s feathered friend on the Shropshire Union Canal – Photograph taken on a previous visit on 17 November 2013










Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!