Much Wenlock Walk to Stokes Barn


Grid reference:
Date recorded:

Park in Station Road, Much Wenlock TF13 6JE
SJ 624 001
3 miles (4.8km)
1 hour
A couple of hills
28 December 2016

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy or yourself there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

Park in Station Road.  Walk back towards the main road.  Where the fixed Much Wenlock guide map is, look across the road and you will see a footpath.  Cross the road carefully and walk along this footpath.  You emerge in Southfield Road.  Walk along Southfield Road until you reach a bridge on your left.  Do not cross the bridge, instead turn right and walk up an enclosed track.

Climb over a wooden barrier at the edge of a wood.  There is a junction of 3 paths.  Take the path straight on into the wood (not left or right).  Walk through the wood and emerge on to a footpath. Head towards the farm. You will see a public footpath post on your right, walk right along the footpath.  The main road is to your left. Look out for a finger post on your right. Follow the sign, left, through a gap in the hedge, over the main road (cross carefully) where there is a sign ‘Stokes Barn’. Go through the kissing gate on your right. Continue on through two gates. Go through a gate and turn right onto a wide track towards Stokes Barn.

View from Stokes Barn

Just before you get to Stokes Barn go through a kissing gate on your right.  Go through a wooden gate.  (Ignore a footpath to the right). Look straight ahead and you will see a field in front of you with undulating ground.  Go through a silver gate. Follow the path etched in the field to the right hand corner of the field.

At the field corner go through a wooden gate and a metal gate into the wood. Turn right signposted ‘Blake Way Coppice’. Go down some steps.  Eventually you come to a four way junction of paths.  Take the path right. Go through two wooden gates and you are on the main road. If you look right you will see a sign opposite ‘Stokes Barn’.  You are aiming for a path just before this sign.  Turn right, walk carefully on the main road for this short distance and cross the road which is really dangerous.  .

Go through the kissing gate and enter the path before the the ‘Stokes Barn’ sign. Go ahead through the wood. When you reach a field go right keeping in the wood.  You emerge in field one, keep to the right boundary.  Walk over field 2.  Ahead you will see a caravan park (only a few caravans in the winter).  Go through the kissing gate into the caravan park.

Go past a cottage, left and into a road back to the main road (A4169).  Turn right.

You can go back to the car by turning left into Station Road,  but you may wish to carry on on foot to the pub. With the fixed Much Wenlock guide sign behind you, turn left into Sheinton Street. Go straight on to the Square.  Turn right into High Street and the pub is the George & Dragon on the left.

The George & Dragon Pub, 2 High Street, Much Wenlock, Shropshire TF13 6AA

The Pub

The pub is the George & Dragon.  A small pub popular with walkers and locals. Very friendly atmosphere.  A selection of beers and wine. Dogs allowed in the pub.
Lyn says: There are numerous walking footpaths in the Much Wenlock area to explore. This is a lovely walk with varied scenery and you return to the ancient small town of Much Wenlock with lots to explore. 

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!


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