Much Wenlock Windmill Walk


Grid reference:
Date recorded:

Park in Station Road, Much Wenlock TF13 6JE
SJ 624 001
Not quite 3 miles (4.8km)
1 hour
11 January 2015

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire - Sheep Windmill - walking & wine

Taken on an earlier walk on 15 March 2014

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

Park in Station Road, Much Wenlock.  Walk towards the main road.  Turn left, Sheinton Street. Walk along Sheinton Street then turn left at Bull Ring.  Walk past Wenlock Abbey on your right and continue ahead up a country road.  After around 5-10 minutes there is a sharp bend to the right.  Do not go around the bend, instead turn left on a footpath (not the footpath straight on).

Walk on the footpath in woods then down steps, across the old railway line and up steps on the opposite side.  Take the footpath left, which curves to the right.  Keep the playing fields/school on your left.  You go through a metal gate.  There is a hillside on your right.  Look for the footpath etched into the hillside and walk up here to the windmill.  Then keep the windmill on your right and look half left and head towards the metal gate and wood.

walking in shropshire - much wenlock sign - walking & wine

A map as you enter the village of Much Wenlock

Through the gate into the wood which will emerge at the main road.  Go down some steps and cross the road (watch for traffic) to reach the metal gate on the opposite side.  Go through the metal gate and along the uphill footpath.

Go through the kissing gate into and enclosed path with the hedge on the right and fence on the left. Once out of the enclosed path, follow the path keeping the hedge on your left.

When you reach the wood, take the footpath left around the wood (not straight on).  The footpath takes you to fields with a steep drop right, lined with trees, with the village of Homer below.  Walk along the footpath through the fields ignoring paths left.  Once you reach metal gates ahead, turn left here.  There is a public footpath sign on your right.  You walk in an enclosed path with the hedge on your left and fence on your right.

You go into a wood for a short distance.  When you exit the wood, cross the track, don’t go into the field but go down the path to the right of the field in another wood.  Come out of the wood on to a path which takes you around the edge of the field.  Follow the path into the next field.  Ahead you will see a caravan park.  Even in winter there are caravans there.  Go through the kissing gate into the caravan park.

Go past a cottage, left and into a road back to the main road, Sheinton Street.  Turn right.

You can go back, left into Station Road to the car, but you may wish to carry on on foot to the pub. If so re-trace your steps along Sheinton Street, but do not turn left at Bull Ring.  Instead go straight on to the Square.  Turn right at the Square and the pub is the George & Dragon on the left.

The Pub

walking in shropshire - george and dragon - walking & wine

The George & Dragon Pub, 2 High St, Much Wenlock, Shropshire TF13 6AA


The pub is the George & Dragon.  A small pub popular with walkers and locals. Very friendly atmosphere.  We had a small glass of Chardonnay costing around £3 to £4. Well worth a visit.







Lyn says: A frequent walk for us -as includes some hills, with great views, particularly from Windmill Hill.  You can sometime see Shetland ponies grazing on the hill so look out for those.

walking in shropshire - wenlock church - walking & wine

The weather cock is the nearest we could find to an animal at All Saints Church, Much Wenlock (photo taken on 25 January 2015)

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!