Ryton Walk


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Park at the side of the church (St Andrews) at Ryton, Shropshire TF11 9JL
4.5 miles (7.24km)
2 hours
Mixture of hills and flat areas plus 30 steps down & up
6 November 2016

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy or  yourself there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.

Walking in Shropshire

The Walk

With your back to the church walk along the road ignoring Ryton Grove. Go past a white house called Church Farm House and turn immediately left through a gate into the field. Keep to the left field boundary.

Go ahead through a silver gate, on a path down through trees until you reach a path junction. Ignore a path right and turn left at a white public footpath sign. Go over a bridge over a stream. The bridge is Adamsford Bridge over the River Worfe.

The path bends to the right and up a hill. Keep walking straight on on this path. After around 10 minutes you will reach a concrete road. Along this path in the summer you will come across baby pheasants walking quickly, but a lovely sight if there is a flock of them.

Continue straight on, walking for around 10 minutes, until you reach a ‘T’ junction. This is Hinnington Road. Turn left here. Keep on Hinnington Road.


Haystack on Hinnington Road

Eventually, after walking for around 10 minutes, you will come to a road called Hinnington Grange. Turn right here.  Follow the tree lined road to a barn conversion on your left. Keep ahead through a wooden gate. Go ahead along the path with hedges either side. When you reach a house on the right, turn left. Follow the path through a gate following the blue public footpath signs. Keep to the right side walking round the corner keeping the hedge and fence to the right.

You will reach a gate. Go through the gate into a wood. Follow the fingerpost left over 2 small footbridges over streams. At the last stream there is water gushing.

Go through a kissing gate then turn left signposted to Grindleforge. Go past the white houses, keeping them on the right. Go through a kissing gate with the stream on your left.  Follow the trodden footpath half right through a field towards a holly tree. Go over a stile. Keep ahead minding the tree roots. The fence on the right will reach a corner. Do not follow the fence, but keep walking ahead in the same direction, keeping the stream and trees on your left. Go over a stile ahead. Walk over the field and at the corner of the field go over a stile and down then up the steps. Follow the footpath. Go over another stile into a field. With the fence to your left head for a wood ahead. At the wood go over a stile and turn left. Follow the footpath. Mind the drop to your left.

Eventually you will come to Gridleforge Bridge and a road.  Turn right on the road and immediately on the left is a stile. Go over the stile following the public footpath sign (field 1).  Pass the outbuilding on your left and telegraph pole on the right and follow the footpath etched into the grass uphill keeping the stream on the left.

At the top of the hill go over another stile and into field 2. Moving away from the steam follow the path.  Go through an open wooden gate into the field 3. You will see a cottage in the distance in the right hand corner; head for the cottage. Once at the cottage you will see the church. Go over the stile and turn left on the road. Turn left at the bench and water pump up a gravel hill to the church.

The Pub

Walking-in-Shropshire-Seven-Stars-walking & wine

Seven Stars Pub, Madeley Road Beckbury, Shifnal, Shropshire, TF11 9DN (Photo taken on another visit on 1 December 2013)

You are only a short drive away from the nearby village of Beckbury.

This pub is just so relaxing.  In the middle of winter is is welcoming, warm and cosy.  In the summer you can sit outside taking in the late afternoon rays. Whatever the time of year it is a special place to be.  There is a selection of wines.  Go on, you won’t be disappointed!

Dogs are allowed in the bar at the back.



Lyn says: This walk can be a little bleak. You feel like you are miles away from civilisation, but well worth the effort!

Walking in Shropshire - lamb - Ryton - Walking & Wine

Lamb running away, as they do. In field before you enter the wood before Grindleforge Bridge. (Photo taken on another visit in the spring)

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!