Wyke Walk (Walking on land south of Wyke)


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Park on the verge at the barn at Manor Farm, Wyke Lane, Shropshire TF13 6PA
4.2 miles (6.8 km)
2 hours
Uphill on homeward stretch
30 October 2016

Don’t forget to:

“Seek the Sheep”

Along the walk look out for where sheep is, put your teddy or yourself there, take a photograph and email it to us so we can link it to this walk.


The Walk

Park on the verge at the barn at Manor Farm, Wyke Lane, Shropshire TF13 6PA. Walk to Wyke Farm (there is a sign outside Wyke Farm pointing to Vineyards Farm). Turn left, the opposite direction to vineyards Farm. Take the first left and then the first right. Walk down the hill.


Autumn trees as you walk back up the hill towards Wyke

You will reach, on your left, a finger-post over a little wooden footbridge, turn left here. Follow the footpath through a short wood and you will emerge in a field (field 1). The footpath is etched out in the grass. Keep to the left field boundary. This is a long field.

Go through an opening in a fence, follow the blue bridleway sign into field 2. Walk along field 2.

Go through a metal gate into field 3. Walk only 100 yards and turn left though an opening in trees, following the blue bridleway sign.

Go up the hill towards a hedge and bend right, keeping the hedge on your left. Walk over the field and at the end there is a metal gate.  Go through the metal gate and turn right.

Go past the house on the right and keep following the footpath. Go through a little gate. Follow the footpath etched into the grass across the field.  Go past a cottage on your right, through a kissing gate. Come out on a road. There is a signpost on your right called Arlescott Farm.

With the Arlescott Farm sign on your right go straight on across the field, the footpath is etched into the field. You come on to a gravel track follow public footpath sign straight on (which is actually a right turn). At a junction of paths follow the public footpath sign with a hedge on your right and the trees and fence on your left (like a tree tunnel).


Redundant stile!

Go over a stile.  Keep on the footpath with the hedge on your right walking on the right field boundary until you come to a wooded area.

Enter the wood. Go past 2 redundant stiles! As you come out of the wood you go over a proper stile into a field.

In front of you is a tree (directly opposite the stile), go to the right of the tree and follow the left field boundary (hedges and trees). After a short distance  you get to a big gap in trees, go through the gap then look up and you should see telephone wires, there maybe a path etched into the field. Go diagonally/half right across the grass, down an incline towards a coppice. You will see a stile on the right. Go over the stile.

Go through a hole in the trees. Turn left. Follow the left field boundary. Very shortly you will get to the corner of the field, turn right, still keeping to the left field boundary.  Walk along the edge of the field. Go through a kissing gate. With the pond and fence on your left, keep walking along the left field boundary. Eventually you go past a sign on the left which says ‘private keep out’. Go over a little stream and go left towards a kissing gate.  You go through the kissing gate and come out on to ‘Shropshire Way’. Turn right.

Follow the path and you will come to a cottage on your left and stream on your right. Go right over the wooden bridge and turn left. Walk on the footpath etched into the grass with the hedge on your left. Go through the kissing gate. Follow the footpath keeping to the left field boundary.

You come out at a farm which is Bradley Farm. Turn right on the road.

Walk on the road for quite a while (20-30 minutes) and eventually you will pass where you earlier turned off the road at the finger-post. At the top of the hill turn left and then turn right and back to Manor Farm.

The Pub


The White Hart, 10 Wharfage, Ironbridge, Telford TF8 7AW

Drive to the pub which is the White Hart. The pub is very popular in Ironbridge. It welcomes walkers and dogs.  It is warm and has plenty of atmosphere. In the summer you can sit outside and take in the views of the River.  Well worth a visit. There is a selection of nice wines.



Lyn says: We love this walk as you walk through a real variety of scenery, from lanes, to fields, to footpaths.  You will also find yourself on part of the Shropshire Way for a short time, and you also go over a very pretty stream.


Sheep shortly after redundant stile



Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine