Why Walking & Wine?

Your life on a weekday?

The alarm rings in the dead of night

Not really, but it should be light

Up, showered and on your way

To the city to earn your pay

Walking in Shropshire - train - walking & wine


Phone calls, clients and emails galore

What with social media, there’s more and more

Office life gets faster and faster

Juggling balls to avoid disaster


Then home on that train without a seat

Moaning passengers, what a treat

Loving it really, everything’s fine

Looking forward to the weekend and Walking & Wine


Your life on a Walking & Wine day:-

A short drive, then over a stile or two

Walking in Shropshire - butterfly - walking & wine

Complete silence save for a baa and a moo

The only decision you’ll have to make

Is which country trail you have to take


You spot a butterfly, could it be rare?

Quick, take a pic, with great care

You’ll google it later for the name of the grub

But for now, no worries, you’re off to the pub

Enjoy these wonderful walks and take care

From Helen & Lyn of Walking & Wine!